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Kim Il Sung's Reminiscences
Juche103(2014) No.16
New Information

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 The DPRK represents genuine people’s power and is a banner of the unity and solidarity of the masses

 Officials must become true servants of the people

 Socialism of our country is a socialism of our style as the embodiment of the Juche Idea

 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a Juche-oriented socialist state with invincible might

 Let us march forward dynamically towards final victory, holding higher the banner of Songun

 Let us step up the building of a thriving country by applying Kim Jong Il’s patriotism





Historical Relics in Kaesong

Grand Monument on Mansu Hill

Mirim Riding Club

Okryu Children’s Hospital

Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery

Monument to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War

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Kim Jong Un's Activities

Guidance to Firing Drill of Artillery Subunits

Marshal Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, First Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, provided guidance to the multiple-rocket launching drill by women’s subunits under KPA Unit 851.

He was briefed on the firing plan and deployment of artillery subunits.

After seeing the artillery companies deployed in the firing range, he issued a sudden order to move from their positions.

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Statement & Commentary

Prospects for North-South Relations Depends Entirely on Park Geun Hye:CPRK Open Questionnaire

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea sent an open questionnaire to Park Geun Hye on April 23 asking her to give responsible answers to the questions as to whether she stands for improved north-south relations or seeks to escalate confrontation and whether she wants reunification and peace against war.

Recalling that months-long Key Resolve and Foal Eagle war exercises for invading the north are over, but the south Korean authorities' confrontation with their compatriots and moves for a war against the north are going on and their anti-reunification hysteria under the signboard of "unification" is flouting the nation and disturbing the world, the questionnaire goes on:

1. What kind of "unification" does Park mean? Confrontation of the social systems means one side swallowing up the other side and the latter being swallowed up by the former, the showdown which is bound to lead to a war. Does she want this?

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Economy / Trade

Sealed Lead Battery

The Koryo Samhwa Joint Co. Ltd has recently developed a new kind of sealed lead battery.

This previous battery used sulphuric solution as electrolyte. But this battery uses calcium sulfate (solid) as electrolyte.

Its manufacturing technique has been registered as DPRK Patent 42636.

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Society / Culture

Giant of Korean Literature

Chairman Kim Jong Il once highly praised Jo Ryong Chul when he saw his opera Dream at the Red Mansion. Saying that each of the lyrics of the opera was an exquisite combination of gem-like vocabulary, he pronounced Jo Ryong Chul a literary giant and pride of the nation.

As writer Jo left a great deal of cultural treasure in his life. He produced more than 100 songs of the enlightenment period, wrote many songs during the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950–July 1953) such as Song of National Defence, Off We Go, Brindled Ox and The 2 000-ri Amnok River, created scripts of revolutionary operas, plays, films and music and dance epic plays, and wrote a large number of lyrics and poems. In total his writings number as many as 1 000 pieces of diversified kinds. Typical of them were the script and lyrics of Dream at the Red Mansion.

Born in November 1913 when Korea was under the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists he hoped to become a man of literature while going to school. Since his lyric Song of Seoul won a prize contest sponsored by the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper in 1933 he wrote many songs and poems. He started his career by creating ballads. Later he wrote in an article referring to the fact, “When the Japanese imperialists were enforcing the policy of stamping out Korea’s national culture, I was anxious to implant our nation’s inherent sentiment and our bitter sorrow over the statelessness in songs that easily found their way into the general public. I thought hard how to realize my desire. Now I turned to folk music, for I knew it contains the inherent sentiment of our nation. Indeed, the heritage of our folk music is a treasure house of our national music, the diversified tones and forms of our national lyrics as well as the melody and rhythm.”

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Celebrated Mountains of Korea :: 1/3

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Time-honoured History & Brilliant Culture

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