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Death of Headmaster of Jongsan Primary School

The US man-killers and members of the “peace-keeping corps” arrested Yu Hae Yun, headmaster of Jongsan Primary School in Chori-myon of Sinchon County and clubbed him recklessly, rendering his whole body stained with blood.

They forced him to make a speech in praise of the United States in the presence of pupils and their parents whom they had taken to the playground of the school.

When he offered a strong resistance to their demand, the enemies began to beat him again with sticks and weapons.

With his head broken and his flesh torn out, he did not yield to them.

The enemies forcibly drove the pupils and their parents to the mountain at the back of the school and tied him to a tree.

Raising his bleeding head, the headmaster looked round his students and their parents and shouted: Respected parents of my students! My dear students! Our motherland and our Party will prosper for ever. Long live General Kim Il Sung! Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea!

A US man-killer shouted: Show a miserable fate of a Red. He should be tormented before killing. Saw off his head.

They began to inflict incessant pains upon him.

When he fell unconscious, they sawed through his skull to death.

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