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Death of Pak Sun Nyo

The US man-killers murdered in cold blood the dependants of the service personnel of the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

Pak Sun Nyo was the mother of three children and her husband joined the KPA.

While concealing herself in her parents’ home, she was arrested by the enemy with her nursing baby on her back and taken to Mt. Pombawi.

The enemies forcibly took away her baby and threw it away to the ground, and tied her to a tree.

Claiming that she should pay dearly as her husband joined the KPA and she gave material assistance to a KPA unit, they mercilessly beat her with rifle butts.

A few minutes later, the crying baby slowly crawled towards its mother who fell unconscious, and grasped her leg.

When she recovered from her faint, the enemies said that the paternal blood of a Red must be stamped out and pressed down rifle butts on the head of her baby.

With a shrieking cry, the baby breathed its last after a while.

She resisted, demanding in what her baby offended.

Then a US man-killer tore up her jacket with a knife and looked at her breasts and her dead baby. “You have breastfed this young Red”, he said and drove the knife to her breasts. He cut them out and mangled her body with the knife.

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