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Death of Model Peasants

One day the US man-killers surprised the house of O Myong Hwa, a model peasant in Unbong-ri, Onchon-myon. They took her who had troubles in moving for her pregnancy and her three-year-old child out to the yard. They interrogated her to say about the amount of tax in kind and rice she had donated to the State.

Protesting against the enemies, she said: I did farming by myself on the land distributed by the State and donated the tax in kind and rice to the country out of patriotism. In what have I offended, she refuted.

Then the enemies forcibly took away her child out of her bosom. Wielding clubs, they threatened to kill her child unless she answered their question. Her frightened child gave a shrill crying, but she did not yield to the enemies. The enemies clubbed the child, who, with a piercing shriek, fell down to the ground in a spray of blood from the nose and mouth.

Hugging her child, she showered curses upon the human beasts.

The man-killers clubbed her abdomen coming to her time of childbirth. She lost her consciousness and fell on the ground.

When she came to her senses, they struck her again in the abdomen and body with rifle butts and sticks, letting loose remarks that they would see the baby of a Red. Her abdomen burst into pieces, with the fetus and the internal organs running out to the ground. After playfully swinging the scattered intestines, the enemies gathered her who was breathing the last, her dead child and the fetus in a place, and set fire on them after spreading gasoline, thus leaving nothing.

The US man-killers and reactionaries also killed Yu Kum Nyo, a model peasant, in cold blood. They put on her back a cotton cloth written with a letter “model peasant” and dragged her from place to place. They tied her to a tree, gouged out her eyes, cut off her nose and ears and burnt them up by spreading gasoline.

They killed ruthlessly another model farmer Kim Jong Ae. Blustering that a bullet was too precious for a Red, they bayoneted her in the face and heart to death.

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