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People Killed by Military Dogs

The US man-killers set military dogs upon innocent people.

At the end of October 1950, an American officer named Harrison came to an icehouse where Korean patriots were detained. He ordered to line up 16 patriots in a row in front of a pit around the icehouse.

As a “show of killing”, he fired off his pistol in rapid succession with changing magazines.

The patriots who got shot fell down to the pit, but they shouted aloud “Long live General Kim Il Sung!” and “Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea!”

The US man-killers unleashed military dogs into the icehouse. The ferocious dogs pounced upon the patriots for about an hour, biting off their noses, ears, fingers, toes, eyes, abdomen, faces and necks. The icehouse was turned into a hell of agonizing cries.

After a while, the US man-killers took out the dogs and sprayed gasoline in the icehouse and threw scores of balls of flames there. The icehouse was engulfed in fierce flames in an instant.

The US man-killers massacred over 1 200 people detained in two warehouses this way.

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