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Massacre of Women in Onchon-myon Rest Home

The US man-killers raped and killed Korean women at the rest home in Onchon-myon of Sinchon County.

When they failed to seduce a 22-year-old girl living in Unbong-ri in Onchon-myon, they put her to barbarous torture. As she did not yield to them, they tied her to a tree and killed her by driving a stake into her private part.

The enemies leaped upon Pak Hwa Son, chairwoman of the women’s union organization in Ryongdu-ri in Kasan-myon, in order to satisfy their carnal desires. As she offered a strong resistance, they beat her recklessly and dragged her from place to place with her nose and ears stringed iron wire before burying her with her daughter into a pit to death.

The enemies raped in a group the arrested women and drowned them in a pond in front of the rest home, and some in a pond in Nambu-myon.

They lined up the women against the pond and bound them hands and feet, tied with stones and kicked them into the pond. They showered bullets and threw grenades to some women trying hard to get out of the pond.

More than 70 women were killed in the rest home by the US man-killers.

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