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Sokdang Bridge Tinted with Blood

The US imperialists and reactionaries killed more than 2 000 people on Sokdang Bridge in Sokdang-ri, Pukbu-myon, Sinchon County.

The enemies, informed that many people were climbing Mt. Kuwol across this bridge, instigated their die-hard stooges to form a cordon around the bridge in two and three circles. They arrested, beheaded, shot to death the people who passed through the bridge before throwing them into the river. Also they walked off to the bridge the patriots and people they arrested in different other places and bayoneted them to death into the river.

The enemies arrested Jo Sung Mo, the chairman of Sokdang-ri People’s Committee. Blustering that they caught a “malevolent red”, they hung him upside down, beat him with a stick, and applied a hot iron skewer to his whole body. One evening they dragged him to the bridge and stabbed him in the breast with a bayonet under the eyes of hundreds of people, saying that they would show how a red died.

Jo Sung Mo, barely managing to keep the control of his body, shouted staring at the enemies before he abandoned himself to the water: Our People’s Army will settle accounts with you thousandfold. Long live General Kim Il Sung! Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea!

The man-killers shepherded into the middle of the bridge the people who were standing at the entrance to the bridge and then drove military trucks through them.

As the people found no place to dodge, some were run over by the trucks and others fell down the bridge. Some survivors rushed to the ends of the bridge to get out of the danger but were showered with a machine-gun fire by the US troops who were guarding there.

Throughout the occupation by the US imperialists such a terrible sight was an everyday occurrence on Sokdang Bridge.

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