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Death of the Chairman of Hwanghae Provincial People’s Committee

Ri Ryong Jin, the chairman of Hwanghae Provincial People’s Committee, was arrested and shot dead by the enemy on his way to Mt. Kuwol after he brought to completion unfinished provincial affairs including those related to retreat.

The US soldiers put him to torture to get the secrets of the Party and the State from him.

But he fought unyieldingly against them to live up to the trust of General Kim Il Sung who appointed him as chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, and even sang Song of General Kim Il Sung in prison.

The enemy had his body dotted with needles and big nails stuck on his shoulders, but he gave no groan of pain.

As the man-killers found it impossible to make him give in by means of any torture, appeasement and deception they gouged out his eyes and cut off his ears with a bayonet.

Early in December 1950 the enemy forced him out to the street of Sinchon County Town. He was covered all over with blood beyond recognition.

They tied him to an electric pole in the street with his nose pierced through with iron.

There and then they said in front of many people they would save his life if he said the US is good and the DPRK government is bad.

Ri Ryong Jin raised his head and shouted to the crowd.

“I take great pride in my fighting for the DPRK. Our Republic will prosper forever. Comrades! Young people! We will surely win.

Let’s give cheers! Long live General Kim Il Sung! Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea!”

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