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Death of Pak To Sang’s Family

The US troops staged man-hunting operations in disregard of sex and age in Sinchon County.

One morning the US man-killers and the “peace-keeping corps” came to Pak To Sang’s house in Wolsan-ri, Sinchon County.

While searching his house, the enemies found a letter of commendation he received before the war. Blustering that they caught a real “red”, they iron-stringed his ears through his nose and his palm.

When his daughter-in-law, Ri Ok Bong, offered a strong resistance, they took her to the mountain behind his house, tied her to a chestnut tree, cut off her breast with a knife and had her body wildly mangled, finally burning her to death.

Then they put the word “red” on the back of Pak To Sang and forced him to walk through the village from place to place.

Before his sons and daughter they tore off his limbs and head with an axe. Saying that all “reds” should be killed, they tore out one of his sons, who was secretary of the ri people’s committee, to death and buried his daughter alive.

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