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Death of Chairwoman of Women’s Union Organization in Kasan-myon

Kim Chi Son, the chairwoman of the Women’s Union organization of Kasan-myon of Sinchon County, was arrested on a hillside by the reactionaries. She was on the road of retreat after winding up the affairs of her village.

The enemies put her to torture in an attempt to locate the whereabouts of patriots. They made the chairwoman stained with blood all over by stick and chain and applied hot soldering iron and metal stick to her face and limbs. When she lost her senses, they poured cold water over her; When she came to her senses, they tried the same way. As they were met with her persistent resistance they drove an iron string through her nose and ears and then took her here and there across the village, blustering that they would kill all the communists that way.

The enemies also brought her young daughter and urged her to tell the whereabouts of patriots if she wanted to save her child. But she did not reveal the secret of her organization although she loved her daughter so dearly.

Then they forcibly separated the daughter from her mother and threw her into a pit and shovelled soil over it. The child howled for her mother’s help, clawing at the earth to get out of it. The enemies pushed her back with a bayonet and rifle butt, thus burying her alive.

The tied-up Kim Chi Son made a desperate protest to the enemies against their barbarity.

Finally, the man-killers shot her to death.

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