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Death of Ri Pyong Jo

Ri Pyong Jo, chairman of the Children’s Union organization of Ryuchon Middle School, Yongjin-myon, Sinchon County, was arrested by the enemies while performing a liaison duty given by the Kuwolsan People’s Guerrilla Unit. At that time he was a 15-year-old boy. The enemies also took away his 7-year-old brother who stayed alone at home, threatening him to say what task he was given by the guerrilla unit.

As he refused to reply, a US officer forced him to tell the secret, squeezing his hands.

In protest the boy bit the fingers of the US guy. Other enemies hit him down, put a long wooden board across his neck and then stood on it. Blood flew out of his nose and mouth and his tongue and eyeballs began to come out.

Staring at the scene, the US guy urged his subordinates to push more strongly, saying “Well, how do you feel?”

The boy’s body began to cool down.

In this way the enemies drove the young boy to death.

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