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Air-Raid Shelter Turned into a Sea of Blood

The US man-killers forced over 520 people into the air-raid shelter of the Sinchon County Security Station and killed them en masse on October 20.

That day they blocked the entrance to the air-raid shelter with straw sacks filled with soil.

They then blasted the shelter by lighting a fuse put on them.

At the same time they took photographs of these scenes.

Also they knocked down the people who ran out the shelter with the butt of rifle and stabbed them to death with bayonet.

In this way they killed 1 000 people in the shelter.

As the shelter was flooded with corpses, they closed it up, and then continued killing people in the adjacent trench and puddle.

The trench was 9m long, 1.7m wide and 1.5m high.

Here 145 men, 52 women and 42 children, 239 in all, were killed.

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