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Massacre at Sowon and Pogu Reservoirs

The US man-killers tortured hundreds of local people they arrested in different parts of Sinchon County and then drowned them in groups.

They bound their hands and feet and tied stone to them before hurling them into water.

They shot and stabbed to death those who were creeping out.

One day they inflicted atrocious torture on the nine arrested peasants and cut off their ears and noses.

As the peasants did not obey their demands, they beat them with a stick and took them to Pogu Reservoir.

There they had stone bound around their necks and forced them into water.

In addition to them, they killed Ri Tae Son and Jong Su Gun, young students, on the charge that they were children of communists, and separated young babies from their mothers and flung them into water.

Scored of families including those of Kim Chi Gwan and Kim Tae Hyon were slaughtered there.

So, the Sowon and Pogu reservoirs were always tinted with blood and the surrounding areas were covered with dead men, young and old, women and students, and newborn babies and their clothes.

Between late October and late November 1950, the US imperialists dumped 1 640 patriots and other people who were bound hand and foot into Sowon and Pogu reservoirs and shot them to death.

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