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Powder Magazine in Pamnamu-gol

The US imperialists had to be driven from Sinchon as the Korean People’s Army switched from retreat back over to attack. They arrested all the remaining survivors in Sinchon and took them into custody in a powder magazine of Pamnamu (Chestnut Tree)-gol, Wonam-ri.

The enemies did not allow the detainees (400 mothers and 102 children) even a spoonful of rice and a sip of water for days. Saying that it was too happy for the mothers to be with their children, they forcibly parted the children from the desperately resisting mothers and kept them apart.

Since then Pamnamu-gol resounded with screams for mothers and children day and night.

The children were fed with nothing but they scratched the floor and wall with hands and feet, calling out for their mothers. Blood was oozing out from them. But the enemies spread gasoline at them. The children took it as water and began to lick it. A few seconds later they writhed, plucking at their breast.

The enemies set fire to the magazine and threw a hand grenade into it.

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