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Death of Secretary of Ryongmun-myon Party Organization

Jong Jong Hwan, secretary of Ryongmun-myon Party organization of Sinchon County, was arrested by enemies on his retreat after keeping secret documents and food and other strategic materials in a safe place.

The enemies put him to torture, forcing him to say where the documents were.

His body was stained with blood by clubbing and kicking.

Hot iron skewer was applied to his face and limbs.

His hands and feet were bound. An awl was driven into his fingernails and toenails. Tongs were also used to pull off his fingernails and toenails.

The enemies disjointed his fingers, and poured cold water over him when he lost consciousness and resumed to torment him when he regained consciousness.

When they failed to open his mouth, they stripped, tied an iron string through his nose, hung a drum on his back, and then drove him out to the street. One man pulled the rope attached to the iron string and another followed him hitting the drum.

When they found that they could by no means destroy his faith and commitment, they hung him from a tree and began to flay him.

Jong desperately kicked the enemies and shouted “Long live General Kim Il Sung!” and “Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea!”

The enemies stopped flaying and piled up firewood on him. Then they burnt him to ashes.

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