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Death of Chairwoman of Hwasan-ri Democratic Youth League Organization

Yang Yong Nyo, chairwoman of the Hwasan-ri Democratic Youth League Organization of Munhwa-myon of Sinchon County, was arrested by the enemies on her way to make contact with the Kuwolsan People’s Guerrilla when the strategic temporary retreat started.

The US man-killers and members of the “peace keeping corps” forced her to reveal the whereabouts of Party members and patriots and the secrets about the Kuwolsan People’s Guerrilla. As she kept silent, the enemies cut off her tresses and pulled out her hair, turning her head into a mass of bleeding.

When there was no hair left to rip, they tore up her clothes and seared her breasts with a hot iron, demanding her to disclose the secret.

Though she fell unconscious several times, Yang kept her mouth shut to the end.

The enemies threatened to spike a nail into her head unless she discloses the secret.

Standing stoutly against the enemy’s torture, she shouted: You butchers! Although you drive a nail in my head, you will get nothing but the red blood of my head.

Then the enemies pulled her head back a chair and mercilessly hammered a nail into her forehead.

She gave a cry of pain, with red blood pouring out of her forehead. She struggled against pain but fell down dead in the end.

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