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Blood-Stained Carts and Rope

The enemies arrested Ju Jun Il, a model worker of the Sinchon County Rice Mill, and took him to the headquarters of the “peace-keeping corps”. They tied him with a rope and put him to torture, demanding him to reveal the hidden place of cereals and equipment for rice mill. When they failed to bring him to his knees, they brought two carts and a rope.

Then they took blood-smeared Ju Jun Il who could not walk on his own before the carts.

The US man-killers threatened to tear him apart by means of carts if he did not disclose the hidden place of cereals and equipment for rice mill.

However, Ju shouted staring at the enemies: You should know that I will never give you a grain of rice and a piece of screw nail even for my life.

The enemies roped his legs and wrists to the carts respectively. With the two carts rolling in the opposite directions, the rope became tightened and Ju's body got lifted in the air. The US man-killers and members of the “peace-keeping corps” pulled the reins of oxen, whipping them forward, and the moment Ju was torn apart, spouting blood and running out the internal organs.

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