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Death of Chairwoman of Rimok-ri Democratic Youth League Organization

The US imperialists and “peace-keeping corps” arrested Jo Ok Son, 19, the chairwoman of the Democratic Youth League organization of Rimok-ri of Sinchon County. They attempted to induce her to say where the local cadres were and who were active members of the Democratic Youth League organization, but she stubbornly refused to accept their demand. They hit her hard with a leather whip and seared her body with a hot iron skewer. They gouged her eyeballs out as they failed to squeeze any information out of her.

They unclothed the upper part of Jo Ok Son who was lying unconscious and drove a long iron string through her breasts. Then they put her on the back of a cow and tied one end of the string to its tail and the other to the rein. They separated her hair into several twists and hung empty cans discarded by them with the ends of twists. They took her from village to village, blustering that anyone who colluded with the Communist Party would fall into the same fate as hers.

In the end they set her to the scaffold.

Jo Ok Son shouted “Long live Kim Il Sung!” and “Long live the WPK!” on the scaffold.

The enemy showered a barrage of bullets on her.

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