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On August 15, 70 years ago, Korea was liberated from the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists (1905-1945). Although times have passed and centuries have changed, President Kim Il Sung’s exploits are shining more brilliantly, who ushered in the road to the resurrection of the Korean nation and performed great exploits in shaping out the destiny of the nation in an independent way.

Kim Il Sung devoted his all to the welfare of his country and people.

He was born on April 15, 1912 when the country was suffering national ordeal and grew up under the influence of his parents’ patriotic and revolutionary education. In his early days when he embarked on the road of revolution he made a detailed analysis of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement and explored the genuine road of the Korean revolution.

Some people were worried about the destiny of the ruined nation, and many others sought to achieve the country’s independence through appeal or request to the international community and terrorism. The anti-Japanese Righteous Volunteers and Independence Army movements were conducted across the country but they sustained repeated failures. Following the victory in the October Revolution in Russia, the Korean Communist Party was founded but the early-stage communists and would-be Marxists were wasting the time, engrossed in factional strife and scramble for power in disregard of the people’s interests.

Tracing History of Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle


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Fine Arts Depicting Kim Il Sung During Anti-Japanese Armed Struggle


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