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The Workers’ Party of Korea, the organizer and guide of all victories of the Korean people, is greeting its 70th founding anniversary. To look back upon, its history is the glorious course of developing into an impregnable, revolutionary party led by the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and the annals of victory during which it has led the Korean people to perform epochal changes and miracles.

President Kim Il Sung who achieved the historic cause of founding the Party on the basis of the revolutionary traditions of the anti-Japanese war on October 10, Juche 34 (1945) built it into a Juche-type, revolutionary party which firmly maintains the independent principles, a militant party which is strong in organization and discipline and a mass-based party which has struck its roots into broad sections of people. Thus, he set an example for building a socialist ruling party. Chairman Kim Jong Il led the Party into the party of Kim Il Sung in name and reality and a mighty, guiding force for the Songun revolution which held fast to arms by fully embodying the Juche-oriented line of party building and the idea of attaching importance to military affairs of Kim Il Sung for half a century.


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