Immortal Feats, Peerlessly Great Man

On the occasion of the 23rd death anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, the Korean people look back upon his great exploits with ever-growing yearning for him.

Kim Il Sung was a peerlessly great man and an outstanding leader the Korean people acclaimed for the first time in their history of thousands of years.

Born into a family that was patriotic and revolutionary generation after generation, he embarked on the road of the revolution in his early years. Endowed with the personalities and qualities for a people’s leader, he organized and led to victory the untrodden path, ranging from national liberation revolution to socialist construction, for scores of years. In the course of this protracted struggle, he experienced all sorts of difficulties and agonies a revolutionary and a man had to.

He was a matchless thinker and theoretician who authored the immortal Juche idea, which holds the highest and shining place in the history of human ideology, and ushered in a new era of history, the Juche era. With the birth of the idea, the Korean people became a proud people who shape their destiny on their own efforts with a scientific guiding ideology and a new era in history of mankind, the era of independence, arrived when the once oppressed and exploited people turned out in the revolutionary movement with consciousness of being the masters of their destiny.