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Kim Il Sung's Reminiscences
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 The DPRK represents genuine people’s power and is a banner of the unity and solidarity of the masses

 Officials must become true servants of the people

 Socialism of our country is a socialism of our style as the embodiment of the Juche Idea

 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a Juche-oriented socialist state with invincible might

 Let us march forward dynamically towards final victory, holding higher the banner of Songun

 Let us step up the building of a thriving country by applying Kim Jong Il’s patriotism





Meari Shooting Gallery

Three Charters for National Reunification Memorial Tower

Revolutionary Site on Ssuk Island

Apartment Houses for Teaching Staff of Kim Il Sung University

Tower of the Juche Idea

Arch of Triumph

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Kim Jong Un's Activities

Visit to Korean April 26 Animation Studio

Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, gave field guidance to the Korean April 26 Animation Studio.

He said he was visiting the studio to bring about a fresh turn in animation and, through it, put the film making in full progress as the movies play an important role in educating the people, establishing the stirring atmosphere in society and propelling the revolution and construction.

He first went to the room dedicated to the history of the studio. The studio, founded in September 1957 at the initiative of President Kim Il Sung and under his guidance, had developed into a leading animation producer under the energetic guidance and meticulous care of Chairman Kim Jong Il, he noted.


Army-People Rallies Held in South Phyongan and South Hamgyong Provinces

S. Korean Regime Will Have to Pay Dearly for Its Anti-DPRK “Human Rights” Racket

S. Korean Authorities Accused of Escalating “Human Rights” Racket against DPRK

Railroading of “Human Rights Resolution” through UN Blasted

Pyongyang Army-People Rally Held

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Statement & Commentary

S. Korean Regime Will Have to Pay Dearly for Its Anti-DPRK "Human Rights" Racket

The anti-DPRK "human rights" campaign kicked up by the present south Korean regime pursuant to the US scenario has reached its height.

The south Korean puppet conservative group is working hard to bring up for discussion on November 24 the "bill on human rights in the north" which had been put on hold for the past decade in face of strong opposition and rebuff by the public at home and abroad and railroad it through the "National Assembly" at any cost within this year.

The representative of the "Saenuri Party" trumpeted "it is the best time to pass the bill on human rights in the north" and cried out for making "a resolute decision to protect human rights."


Economy / Trade

An Exhibition Hall for Intellectual Products

Some time ago an intellectual product exhibition hall was newly built at the Invention Office of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, attracting public attention.

I met Ryu Chol Ho, department chief of the Invention Office, at the exhibition hall. Ryu said, “The exhibition hall works to quickly and widely promote intellectual products including inventions, patents and sci-tech hits that are highly appraised and deemed negotiable in the country, and connect them with the customers regularly. It activates the dissemination, exchange and circulation of new technical skills and makes a positive contribution to the development of knowledge-based economy.”

On display in the hall are now products like direct-current high-voltage butterfly catcher and portable soil analyzer submitted by many units of agriculture, construction, and power, coal, metal, mining, machine and chemical industries. Besides, there are on show sports apparatuses, daily necessities, medicines and health foods, such as mobile multi-purpose net posts, single-motor hand lawn mower, nano-gold injection, natural amino-sugar compound injection and chlorella health food. Inventions, new devices of technology and products of new idea are displayed here in the form of spot goods, diagram, brochures and videos. The exhibition hall also provides technological service such as search for inventions and patents, translation of patent documents, software and hardware offerings, application for registration of invention and technological consultation.


Society / Culture

Korean Medical Association

The Korean Medical Association was founded on November 18, 1970 as a standing medical institution of the DPRK.

It has more than 70 branches and others in establishments in every province, city and county.

Many medical experts and other health workers including academicians, professors and doctors work as members of the association.


Celebrated Mountains of Korea :: 1/4

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Anti-DPRK Farce of
Human Scum

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