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Kim Il Sung's Reminiscences
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 The DPRK represents genuine people’s power and is a banner of the unity and solidarity of the masses

 Officials must become true servants of the people

 Socialism of our country is a socialism of our style as the embodiment of the Juche Idea

 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a Juche-oriented socialist state with invincible might

 Let us march forward dynamically towards final victory, holding higher the banner of Songun

 Let us step up the building of a thriving country by applying Kim Jong Il’s patriotism





Meari Shooting Gallery

Three Charters for National Reunification Memorial Tower

Revolutionary Site on Ssuk Island

Apartment Houses for Teaching Staff of Kim Il Sung University

Tower of the Juche Idea

Arch of Triumph

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Kim Jong Un's Activities

Visit to Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp

Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, provided field guidance to the completed Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp.

The camp is another gift provided by Kim Jong Un to the scientists with loving care.

He initiated the construction of the camp, personally designated its site on the shores of picturesque Lake Yonphung associated with the leadership exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and visited it several times. Kim Jong Un gave an important instruction for building it on the world level till the founding anniversary of the WPK.


Statement & Commentary

S. Korean Authorities Urged to Ponder over Their Every Move

The north side delegation to the inter-Korean high-level contact on October 22 issued a statement in connection with the fact that the atmosphere of improving the north-south relations which was created with much effort amid great concern and expectation of the public at home and abroad is rapidly getting chilled again due to the provocative moves of the south Korean puppet conservative group.

As already reported, the Director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army and his party visited Inchon on October 4 to encourage the DPRK players who proved very successful at the 17th Asian Games and take part in their closing ceremony. They met the prime minister, the chief of the “security office” of the Blue House, the minister of Unification and other high-ranking officials of the south side and urged them to make a great stride for peace and reunification of the nation by revving the good atmosphere in which Koreans in the north and the south gathered in Inchon as part of the one nation. They proposed opening the second round of high-level contact for solving the pending issues between the north and the south and improving the bedeviled inter-Korean relations at a convenient time late in October or early in November.

Noting that the success made during their visit was big but it is no more than a lane, they clarified the stand to turn this lane into a wide avenue through frequent visits and open the gate to improved inter-Korean relations.


Economy / Trade

Labour Feats Are Created 

When you are driving on the Pyongyang-Hyangsan Tourist Road along the Chongchon River, which marks the boundary between the middle and northern parts in western Korea, you will see the construction sites of power stations making magnificent appearance.

They are some of the power stations in tiers which are under construction, extending for nearly 40% of the 217-km-long river.

The Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the DPRK mapped out a plan of increasing electric power generation with water resources rich in the country as the main. To realize the plan, the builders broke the ground at the same time in ten places along the river at the outset of last year.


Society / Culture

Our Servicewomen

It was snowing from early morning on the New Year’s Day this year. Kim Ryang Saeng, war veteran and honoured disabled ex-soldier in Neighbourhood Unit No. 21, Taedongmun-dong, Central District, Pyongyang, often looked out of the window. He was expecting his grandchildren who were to come to make a New Year greeting.

Presently the doorbell rang. He hurried to the door and opened it. He was surprised to see a servicewoman from the Taedongmun Grocery standing covered with snow. She made a New Year greeting before producing bags of foodstuff. She said they were supplies from the state to him on the New Year’s Day. Feeling indebted to the woman for her favour for him, Kim asked her to come in to have holiday dishes together, but she declined with smile, saying she had to visit the bereaved family of a fallen soldier.

The servicewomen come to see Kim on the V-Day, his wife on the Mother’s Day and the couple on the International Day of Older Persons. They also come on their birthdays and holidays. This means they make a call at his home dozens of times a year.


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