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Let Us Usher In a Fresh Heyday on All the Fronts of Socialist Construction by Creating the Speed on Masik Pass


As a great heyday of construction is being unfolded across the country according to the far-reaching plan of the Workers’ Party of Korea, construction of a world-class ski resort is under way in the area of Masik Pass amid the great interest of all the service personnel and people.

Construction of the ski resort is a gigantic, patriotic undertaking our Party has initiated to provide the people with better conditions for cultural life by translating into practice the noble wishes of the great President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il who bestowed affection on them.

Our people, including young people, are picturing with confidence the happy day when they would train their bodies while skiing and feel the worth and delight of life while enjoying the majestic sunrise and the spectacular natural scenery at the resort built on the world standards.

Last year our Party proposed building a ski resort in the area of Masik Pass for our people, who have remained faithful to the Party in the face of all manner of difficulties, and gave the task to the Korean People’s Army.

Our reliable soldier-builders have achieved in less than one year since the beginning of the construction the amazing success of building ski runs of more than 100 000 metres long in total in an area of hundreds of thousands of square metres by removing rocks and making rugged ridges smooth.

This is a miracle that can be wrought only by the officers and men of the KPA who are ready to move mountains or fill up seas at the risk of their lives if it is an order or instruction of the Party.

Although a breakthrough has been made in the construction of the ski resort thanks to the devoted efforts of the service personnel, the amount of work to be done for the construction in the future is huge and there are many difficulties and hardships ahead.

Construction of the ski resort on Masik Pass is an undertaking which others would not be able to implement even within ten years.

Unshakable, however, is our Party’s determination to provide our people, including young people, with conditions for a more cultured and happier life by building the world-class ski resort within this year and thus enable them to enjoy all the benefits of the world.

My belief is firm that the soldier-builders, who have performed heroic feats of labour in the grand socialist construction, responding with thunder to the Party’s lightning, would build the ski resort within this year by creating the speed on Masik Pass by dint of indefatigable mental strength and strenuous onward campaign and that with that spirit and mettle all other service personnel and people would bring about a great leap and great innovations on all the fronts of socialist construction. With this belief I issue this appeal.

Construction of the ski resort on Masik Pass is an undertaking our Party attaches great importance to in ushering in a heyday of construction in the new era of the Songun revolution.

“Let us finish construction of the ski resort on Masik Pass unconditionally within this year by waging an all-out onward campaign, an all-out death-defying campaign!”–this is the militant slogan the soldiers enlisted in the construction should hold high.

This slogan should ring out as a banner of victory, as a banner of labour feats, in the ski resort construction site where the mettle of Songun Korea is being demonstrated.

Let all the soldier-builders push ahead with the construction in a sweeping way like a charge of dynamite set off, like lightning, in the spirit of At a Go, so as to create the speed on Masik Pass, a new a-match-for-a-hundred charging speed in the 21st century.

They should further perfect the ski runs, push ahead with the construction of a hotel, service and accommodating structures, heliport, cableway and other projects in a three-dimensional way, and finish the projects by set dates without fail.

The ski resort on Masik Pass is a monumental edifice of lasting value whose benefits our people will enjoy even in the distant future and at which they will enjoy the advantages of socialism; it is also a symbol of a cultured nation.

The builders should ensure best quality of the projects with a determination that they would take responsibility for their safety and guarantee their absolute quality for all eternity.

They should strive to preserve the ecological environment in its original state, plant trees of superior species and turfs appropriate to the geographical conditions of the local area, and tend them with care, just the same way as they do things for the sake of their parents and brothers and lay out the yards at their native homes.

While pressing on with the building of the ski resort, it is necessary to take advance steps for its normal management and operation, so that once it is commissioned, the people would have a pleasant rest at the resort without experiencing any inconvenience.

The key to building the ski resort on Masik Pass ahead of schedule lies in encouraging the soldier-builders to give fullest play to their mental strength, and the core of this strength is Kim Jong Il’s patriotism, which they should cherish deep in mind.

Party organizations and political officers should, everywhere in the construction site, conduct political work in a proactive, army-like way as they do on the front line, and make careful arrangements for the socialist emulation  campaign.  In  this  way  they  should  encourage  all  the  soldier-builders to burn their hearts with
Kim Jong Il’s patriotism and demonstrate the mettle of revolutionary soldiers and the temperament of a-match-for-a-hundred combatants during the construction work. .

The commanders and staff officers of the units seconded to the building of the ski resort should establish a revolutionary atmosphere and rigid discipline of completing the projects at each stage unconditionally through bold and big operations and effective guidance.

The great army-people unity is a powerful propellant for the progress of the construction.

Each time the KPA undertakes an important, challenging task, our people have been alongside the soldiers, assisting them both materially and morally.

They should accelerate the construction of the ski resort by dint of this unity, which is the great foundation of the Songun revolution and the root of our society.

The morale amongst the soldier-builders seconded to the construction work is very high and their courage is soaring.

Don’t worry about the construction; ensure timely supply of equipment and materials–this is the unanimous call of the valiant soldier-builders that resounds from every corner of the construction site.

Keeping in mind that the pace of construction depends on the supply of equipment and materials, the Cabinet, ministries and national agencies should effectively organize and guide the production and transport of steel, cement and other materials, in the same manner as they would produce guns and shells and carry them to the front line.

The factories and enterprises charged with the production of the requisite materials and equipment should fulfil their assignments opportunely and without fail by displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance to the full, thus rendering an active contribution to completing the construction earlier than planned.

We should never fail to build the world-class ski resort within this year so that laughter of people living in socialist system and their cheers for the Workers’ Party would reverberate in the area of Masik Pass.

It is our Party’s intention and determination to raise fierce flames of great innovations and a great upsurge throughout the country diffusing the indomitable fighting spirit and traits the service personnel are displaying in the construction of the ski resort on Masik Pass.

We should bring about a fresh change in strengthening the KPA, the buttress and main force of the Songun revolution.

The KPA should always remain highly alert and be fully prepared for combat actions in order to deal an annihilating blow to the enemy, should they make even a move, and accomplish the historic cause of national reunification.

The KPA officers and men should make ceaseless innovations not only in the building of the ski resort on Masik Pass but also in all other major construction projects the Party has entrusted to them and the laying out of provinces, cities and counties in the country.

Bearing in mind that supply service is a battle to defend socialism, they should ensure that modern supply-service bases provided by the Party pay off in practice while further activating sideline bean farming, stockbreeding and fishing, so as to consolidate the foundations on which to live on their own and thus effect a radical turn in the living of the soldiers.

Let the working class, agricultural workers, intellectuals and other people of the country become death-defying fighters and performers of labour feats in the general advance of this significant year, holding fast to the Party’s line of simultaneously carrying out the economic construction and the upbuilding of the nuclear forces and emulating the fighting spirit of the soldier-builders of Masik Pass.

Flames of innovation should be raised in the development of agriculture and light industry, the major thrust areas in this year’s economic construction, and all other fields of the national economy, and thus the overall economy of the country should be further revitalized.

All the people, in order to proudly review this year, should carry out the fighting tasks entrusted to them every day without fail and make active contributions to the implementation of the national economic plan.

It is the proud tradition and fighting traits of our service personnel and people to turn out as one and unhesitatingly go through fire and water to carry out the orders and instructions of the Party.

Our Party has never failed to do what it is determined to do by placing trust on the service personnel and people, and at present a brighter future is in sight.

I firmly believe that our service personnel and people, who have always been boundlessly faithful to the Party’s leadership, will finish the construction of the ski resort on Masik Pass without fail and usher in a fresh heyday on all the fronts of the building of a thriving nation in this significant year which marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, by giving full play to mass heroism and the courageous charging spirit.

First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea,

First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, and

Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army

Kim Jong Un

June 4, Juche 102 (2013)

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