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The Patriotic Song (National Anthem)

The Patriotic Song (National Anthem)

Words : Pak Se Yong,  Music: Kim Won Gyun 

  1. Shine bright, you dawn, on this land so fair,
    The country of three thousand ri
    So rich in silver and in gold you are,
    Five thousand years your history.
    Our people ever were renowned and sage,
    And rich in cultural heritage,
    And as with heart and soul we strive,
    Korea shall forever thrive!

  2. And in the spirit of Mount Paektu,
    With love of toil that shall never die,
    With will of iron fostered by the truth,
    We'll lead the whole world by and by.
    We have the might to foil the angry sea,
    Our land more prosperous still shall be,
    As by the people's will we strive,
    Korea shall forever thrive!
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