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The Korean Federation for Protection of the Disabled (KFPD) is developing various projects that can make a contribution to the development of work of the persons with disabilities and working vigorously for its realization.

∙ Project for Second National Sample Survey on Persons with Disabilities

Objective: To have a correct number of the persons with disabilities as well as the main reasons of disability so to prevent its occurrence on the basis of the international standard of the classification of disability and evaluation methods.
Beneficiary: The whole population with disabilities and their families in the DPRK
Activity: - External training of the surveyors 
             -  Information dissemination
             - Organization of survey committees
             - Survey
Budget: € 600,000

∙ Project for Setting Up Training Base for Talented Orphans

Objective: To include the orphans into the mainstream of the social development by ensuring an updated education
Beneficiary: All of the orphans and staffs of the orphanage
Activity: - Construction of school building and dormitory
             - Procurement of school things and living requisites
             - Training of teachers
Budget: € 700,000

∙ Project for Establishing Hamhung Education Centre for Children with Disabilities