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Political, Economic, Cultural and All Other Affairs in the DPRK

WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities
  • Report on Operational Preparations for Reconnaissance Satellite from Pyongyang General Control Centre of NATA Received [2023-11-28]
  • Election of Deputies Attended [2023-11-27]
  • Field Guidance at Ryongsong Machine Complex [2023-11-27]

Report on Returns of Election for Deputies to Local People’s Assemblies in DPRK

The Central Election Guidance Committee for the elections of deputies to provincial (municipal), city (district) and county people’s assemblies of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on November 27 released the report on the election returns.

According to the report, the elections of deputies to provincial (municipal), city (district) and county people’s assemblies of the DPRK were successfully held on November 26, Juche 112 (2023).

  • Over 20 Years for Sea Culture [2023-11-30]
  • New Water Treatment Technology Introduced [2023-11-30]
  • By Conducting Mass-based Sports Activities Briskly [2023-11-30]
  • A Famous Dancer [2023-11-29]
  • Kaesong Noted for Kiwi Farming [2023-11-29]
  • New Livestock Farm Built [2023-11-28]
  • Report on Returns of Election for Deputies to Local People’s Assemblies in DPRK [2023-11-28]
  • Foundation for Production of Iron Ore Consolidated [2023-11-28]
  • In the Vanguard of Developing Technology [2023-11-28]
  • Dance Notation Is Put on Scientific and IT Basis [2023-11-28]

Kim Jong Un's Aphorism

“The industrial revolution in the new century is, in essence, a scientific and technological revolution.”

[Anecdotes] :: Anecdotes Related to Kim Jong Il’s Birthday (1)

As the starting point of work and life

It was February 16, 1963 when General Kim Jong Il was attending Kim Il Sung University. It was his birthday and his classmates were going to give a birthday party for him, though in a small way. But he declined the offer. He said, “The fatherly leader Kim Il Sung has never celebrated his birthday while working all his life for the good of the country and the people. When the leader is exerting himself for the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people, how can I celebrate my birthday?” He then stressed the need for them to think only of how to save the leader trouble and anxiety, how to make him have even a little while’s rest and how to repay his favours better. He went on to say that a revolutionary soldier’s genuine happiness lay in saving the leader trouble and anxiety and that this should be the starting point of all work and life, an invariable principle of life.

President Kim Il Sung’s Reminiscences With the Century (8 Volumes)

DPRK Socialist Constitution

Policies for Korea’s Reunification

[Policies for Korea’s Reunification ] :: Policies for Korea’s Reunification

National reunification is the greatest wish of the entire Korean nation and the greatest patriotic cause of the nation.

The Three Charters for National Reunification serve as the sole guidelines for Korea’s reunification.

[Politics] :: Work for Younger Generation

[Economy] :: To Boost Cement Production

[Economy] :: Tideland Research Vessel Built

[Social Culture] :: A Coach Who Led Seven-Game Winning Streak

[Social Culture] :: Citizens Living in Highest Building in Capital City

[History & Folk Customs] :: Fascist Oppressive Policy Aimed at Obliterating Korean Nation

[History & Folk Customs] :: Seven-Storeyed Pagoda in Hyonhwa Temple


Pictorial Korea No.11, Juche 112 (2023)


Grand Monument on Mansu Hill


Mother’s Look

Love the Motherland

Love of the Great Mother

A Mother the General Knows

Rays of Affection