Facelifted Samjiyon City

´╗┐Samjiyon, located in Ryanggang Province in the northern part of Korea, was turned into a good model of cultured mountainous city and an ideal local city.

The city consists of ten-odd dong and ri, including Paektusanmilyong-dong, Rimyongsu-dong, Sinmusong-dong, Ohomultong-dong, Phothae-dong, Junghung-ri, Hunggyesu-ri, Sobaeksan-ri, Paeksam-ri, Poso-ri and Thongsin-ri. All the structures fully embody practicality, diversity and formative art.

Environment- and nature-friendly buildings such as low- and multi-storied dwelling houses, public and production buildings, a ski resort, gymnasium, sci-tech library and educational facilities are splendid.

The work of afforesting and landscaping the surroundings of the city was realized as suited to the features of a mountainous district in the Mt Paektu area, adding more beauty to the appearance of the city.