Young Koreans

Young people of the DPRK are the honourable defenders, proud builders and full-fledged masters of their socialist motherland.

Cherishing the ideas and policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea as an element of their firm faith, they faithfully support the WPK’s leadership and defend the outposts of their country reliably, regarding national defence as their most sacred duty and the highest expression of patriotism.

With a high degree of revolutionary spirit, they volunteer to work at challenging and labour-consuming posts of socialist construction in response to the call of the WPK and devote their youth to exalt the brilliance of their country and their era, working miracles and making innovations. They are developers and masters of advanced science and technology who break through the cutting edge by thinking and studying with patriotic passion.

They play the core, vanguard role in comprehensively developing art and literature, sports and all other sectors of socialist culture. Wherever there are young people always brims over with joy and optimism, song and laughter.

Young people with beautiful and ennobling moral qualities are loved by people as they respect their revolutionary forerunners, teachers and seniors and strive hard to do good for the benefits of society and the collective.

A bright, promising future is in store for the country as it is supported by a large contingent of the young vanguard of the WPK and the reliable successors to carrying forward the cause of the Juche revolution.