“Honchonjondo” inscribed on the Memory of the World Register by UNESCO

   Honchonjondo (complete illustration of the astronomical chart), a Korean astronomical chart was inscribed on the Memory of the World Register by UNESCO in May Juche 112 (2023).

   An astronomical chart is an otherwise constellation chart.

   Honchonjondo shows the development of Korean astronomy of 18th century.

   It meant the whole picture of the whole sky and the stars of the night sky were mapped on a sheet of paper and in addition, recorded astronomical phenomena with their accounts and astronomical constants.

   It contains the main content of the development of the peculiar astronomy developed from the Tangun Joson (Korea) period and the development of Western astronomy up to the first half of the 18th century in fragments.

   Honchonjondo with such astronomical contents is both a precious astronomical heritage of our country that enables the realization of the astronomical development of the time, and the national astronomical chart enriching the treasures of Eastern Astronomy.

   It is now treasured at the Grand People’s Study House.

   The inscription of Honchonjondo, an astronomical chart permeated with the wisdom and talents of the Korean nation, is a brilliant fruition of our Party’s policy on the conservation of our national cultural heritages and another significant occasion for enhancing the national pride and self-confidence of our people.