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National Heritage of Korea

Tangible Heritage, Natural Heritage and Intangible Heritage

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Mission of Korea National Heritage Protection Fund

  The mission of the Fund is to receive contributions including valuable historic data, relics, materials and funds from all Korean people in the north, in the south and abroad and from progressive people of the world in order to enrich the treasury of national heritage and contribute to the national heritage conservation such as excavation, verification, preservation and management of heritage.

Contents of Contribution

Contributions shall comprise historic data and relics, materials and funds.

Present Contribution Areas

Present Contribution Areas are as follows.

Major Contributors

We introduce our major contributors.
Kim Won Chol
Mr. Kim Su Nam
Mr. Jin Chol
Mrs. Ri Yon Hui

Favourable Treatment for Contributors

The Fund accords such favourble treatment to contributors.

Conferring Certificate of Donation

Putting up a Marker

Organizing Relics Exhibitions

Long-term Use of Contributed Money

Participating in Excavation

Organizing Various Kinds of Exhibitions

Publishing Publications

Promoting Public Awareness of the Contributors