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  • When lost in the dark,
    you always need a GUIDING STR!

    What we strive for:
    Remaining loyal to our commitment to become the preferred company by providing our customers and partners with Attentive, Agile & Accurate services closely followed by tangible benefits.

    Polestar insures your interests
    under the banner of Reciprocity and Mutual
    Benefit and on the Principle of Valuing Credit.

    Ethical standards such as Honesty and Equal Opportunity
    flow into Polestar's every business decision.

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    Agriculture Insurance
    (Issue: March 2018)

    Annual Report 2020
    (Issue: 2021)

    Annual Report 2021
    (Issue: 2022)

    Annual Report 2022
    (Issue: 2023)

    Risk Gallery