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Welcome to Rainbow Intermediaries.

Rainbow Intermediaries is a professional broker that specializes in non-life insurance and reinsurance portfolios including but not limited to fire, crops, marine, technology, and automobile insurance. By working closely with several insurance companies, we aim to meet the increasing demand of public institutions, business entities, enterprises and individuals for insurance coverage.

We listen to and learn from the insureds what they want us done with insurance and assist in their making of the application forms for insurance contracts. We give a real insight into how the insureds deal with risk management and report to the insurers so that they can obtain insurance coverage in a timely manner and run their business on a sound footing.

Based on fairness, kindness and promptness, the insureds are entitled to the technical assistance by Rainbow Intermediaries in the case of insured losses on how to make and submit the notice of a claim. We keep in touch with insurance companies to make sure that they look into every claim with due diligence.

We give all reasonable assistance to the insureds in pursuing their claims to the insurance companies so that they can return to the normal state of business without the least aftermath of losses.

In addition, we provide insurance companies with reinsurance intermediary service to increase their solvency margin that is a key to the stable management of their insurance portfolios.

Since the first day of establishment, we have put forward independence, professionalism and diversity as the three key aspects in insurance and reinsurance brokerage and applied them to the running of the company. Thanks to this, we were able to attain the gross insurance brokerage income at KPW 47,464,539 that is a 107.88% increase on 2021.

For the sake of rapid increase in net income and the number of clients, we regarded consulting services as our second priority and paid undivided attention to it.

We have a great deal of professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them rich experience and high integrity for our clients. We assure every client of competent and reliable advice on how to avoid potential threats in business and minimize economic losses thereof.

The gross revenue from our consulting services between 2020 and 2022 is KPW 559,932, KPW 736,266, and KPW 2,572,136 respectively, that means we have achieved an annual average growth rate of 193.90% over the last three years.

We will try to update our intermediary and consulting services to the best interests of our clients and deepen business contacts with local and foreign insurers, reinsurers and brokers so that the Rainbow Intermediaries develops effectively in a favorable market environment for sustainable growth in the future.

Our Services

Insurance Broking

By introducing you a most competent insurer, we are able to help you get what you have chosen among insurance products.

Reinsurance Broking

We, Rainbow Intermediaries, broker various reinsurance products to insurers and reinsurers.

Insurance Consulting

With our plenty of working knowledge and experience in insurance we offer a professional consultation service on insurance matters raised by clients.

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