Marine Environmental Protection Centre
The Marine Environmental Protection Centre of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was established in September 2011 under the auspices of the government as a specialized agency responsible for combating the marine pollution by ships.
The Centre is headquartered in Pyongyang and comprised of several departments, including response and methodology reserach divisions.
As Korea is sea-bound on the three sides, the government attaches great importance to the protection of marine environment, and has made steady efforts to this end. The prevention of marine pollution presents itself as a matter of more importance with the rapid growth in economic activities on the sea such as shipping and fishing industries and consequent increase in ships sailing across the territorial waters of the DPRK.
In response to oil spills and pollutants discharges from ships in the territorial waters, rivers and lakes, the Centre undertakes restoration in cooperation with relevant organs according to the National Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.
It also analyses and evaluates the substances used and discharged by the ships that enter the waters and ports of the country in order to assess their effect on marine environment, and studies international laws and regulations on marine environmental pollution by ships to assist the government in drafting related laws.
It works out research and development plans for dealing with sewage and other wastes and ballast from ships, and implements them.
It makes endeavours to protect the country's marine environment which directly affects the people's living and economic development while promoting cooperation, collaboration and exchange with international organizations and establishments that work for environmental protection of countries.