Conferring Certificate of Donation

  One of the important undertakings of the Fund is to duly appreciate the contributions made by contributors and accord favourable treatment to them.

  The Fund confers the Certificate of Donation to contributors.

  In order to confirm the contribution list after a long time, the Fund sets up the strict system of registering the contributors to keep their honor.

Putting up a Marker

  When a contributor contributes a large sum of money for the protection of national heritage as restoration or repair of a historic remain and as reconstruction of a history museum, a marker will be put up at a convenient place.

Organizing Relics Exhibitions

   As for the valuable relics contributed, they will be displayed with the name of the contributor at a history museum. If a large number of historical relics of national value are contributed, an exhibition will be arranged in the name of the contributor and when the exhibition is over, they will be displayed separately with the name of the contributor in a museum.

   And contributed relics exhibitions will be held regularly to give publicity to relics which are contributed.

Long-term Use of Contributed Money

  If a contributor contributes an extraordinary large sum of money and asks the contributed money to be deposited in a bank and the annual income from interest to be used for long-term protection and management of a certain piece of national heritage, the Fund will take all necessary measures for the sustainable preservation and increase of its value as wished by the contributor, and tour of scenic spots, museums and historic sites in the country will be arranged at the Fund’s expenses for his/her family members and posterity.

Participating in Excavation

  Contributors can personally designate the project of excavation of historic remains to which they want to contribute and can participate in the project.

Organizing Various Kinds of Exhibitions

  Contributors can contribute funds and request organizing various kinds of exhibitions and festivals such as photo exhibition of mural paintings of Koguryo tombs, exhibition of folklore traditional paintings and traditional food festival.

  The Fund will contact with the concerned organs to satisfy the requests of the contributors.

Publishing Publications

  Contributors can contribute funds and request publishing books as Guide for Korean Temples, The Illustrated Book of Ruins and Relics and The Illustrated Book of the Korean Natural Monuments and editing programs like introducing world initial metal types.

  The Fund will contact with the concerned organs to satisfy the requests of the contributors.

Promoting Public Awareness of the Contributors

  Before estimating the size of contributions, we first appreciate the contributors’ noble spirit to maintain the soul of the nation and give wide publicity to them so as to increase the number of our supporters and cooperators; it is an aspiration and wish of the members of the Fund to cultivate themselves in the course of this.

  The Fund promotes public awareness of the contributors through annual report of the Fund, its homepage, TV broadcast, newspapers, magazines and the like.


  The Fund specially invites big contributors and organizes visits to our famous scenic spots, museums and historic remains.