Message from General Director

Dear colleagues and homepage visitors,

I am very pleased to inform you of the following information on the performance of the business activities of my company in 2022.

Last year, the nationally significant construction projects were briskly undertaken across the country for the economic development and people’s welfare and state investment was stepped up in agriculture. Taking these circumstances into account, we formulated our 2022 Plans on Rainbow’s Service and carried out business operations.

We placed more emphasis on the intermediary services of engineering and agricultural insurance than the other portfolios, and achieved the gross brokerage income at KPW 9,110,645 and KPW 6,721,922 respectively, which is a 25.45%, and 43.99% increase on the previous year.

In addtion, with regard to sharp rise in fishing activities and maritime transport in the country, we paid due attention to marine insurance brokerage and enjoyed a 14.53% increased gross income at KPW 11,861,551. On the other hand, the property and personal accident insurance brokerage resulted in KPW 18,956,578 and KPW 813,843 respectively.

As a result, the gross insurance brokerage income in 2022 amounted to KPW 47,464,539 with an average annual growth rate of 112.70 % since 2020.

With a deep insight into business development and marketing strategy, we attached importance to consulting services on risk management for customers.

Our consulting services are based on skilled professionals with different disciplines of expertise and we are well-known for “Rainbow-unique package of solutions” to our customers’ needs to track down the potential risks together with timely measures in their business.

Our services range from strategic risk consulting on how to beat potential threats to business to onsite risk control services(such as health and safety or property loss control consulting) as well as analytical and advisory services (such as hazard modeling).

Coupled with profound knowledge, customer-oriented friendly service and prompt solutions, the consulting revenue in 2022 amounted to KPW 2,572,136, that is nearly three times as high as 2021.

Through inner-company training plans and courses on various subjects, we will continue to encourage our staff to further their knowledge of insurance and finance and upgrade the quality of our consulting services.

Plus, we will strive to create a bettered market environment for the sustainable development of the company through active cooperation with local insurers and clients as well as with foreign insurers, reinsurers and intermediary companies in the future.

Last but not least, we thank you once again for your interest in our company and we believe that our cooperation with your esteemed selves will develop further in many days to come.

Han Chol Gyu
General Director



Our vision is to be a leading insurance and reinsurance intermediary that values integrity, honesty and fidelity. We also seek to be a company that provides its clients with prompt and quality service.



Our mission is to create and deliver insurance and reinsurance solutions and services that make our clients more successful in their lives and businesses.

Corporate Structure

Rainbow Intermediaries is run through the Executive Committee of Management and operational and supporting divisions.

The Executive Committee of Management consists of three persons, including a chairman and two executive members.

The executive chairman is also the Managing Director of the firm, and the executive members are the Deputy Managing Director and the Head of Reinsurance Section.

We have the competent experts at each section with special knowledge and considerable experience in various fields like insurance, reinsurance, finance, legislation, information technology, etc.

Insurance Section

It is one of the main operating units of the Company responsible for insurance intermediary service in the domestic market.

Reinsurance Section

This section is in charge of brokering reinsurance businesses.

Business Strategy Section

This section undertakes the task of formulating the strategies of operation and management and supervising the performance thereof, as well as developing new strategies corresponding to the changes and developments of insurance market.

Information Technology Section

The modernization and digitization of business is led by this section in charge of developing and introducing the most up-to-date information technologies.

Accounting Section

It takes care of financial analysis and management of business operation.