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WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities
  • Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Sends Congratulatory Message to Syrian President [2024-04-18]
  • Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Cut Inauguration Tape and Blesses Owners of New Houses [2024-04-17]
  • Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Receives Chinese Party and Government Delegation [2024-04-14]

Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong

Kim Yo Jong, deputy department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, issued the following press statement “Evil doer’s audacity can never work on us” on April 24:

The regional situation has been plunged deeper into a dangerous vortex due to the US-led hostile forces’ ceaseless military moves.

  • Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong [2024-04-24]
  • DPRK FM Official Issues Press Statement [2024-04-24]
  • US Military Aid to Ukraine Is Just Mind-bending Drug [2024-04-24]
  • DPRK Wrestlers Qualified for 33rd Olympic Games [2024-04-24]
  • Farmers in North Phyongan Province Move into New Houses [2024-04-24]
  • Two Pistols [2024-04-24]
  • Young Researcher Earns Respect from Colleagues [2024-04-24]
  • Farmers in North Hwanghae Province Move into New Houses [2024-04-23]
  • New Approach Earns a Woman Model Teacher Title [2024-04-23]
  • Performances Given by Foreign Artistes Go on in DPRK [2024-04-23]

The 112th Birth Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung Celebrated Splendidly

Kim Jong Un's Aphorism

“Post and telecommunications are the nerves and blood vessels of a country.”

[Anecdotes] :: Lunch Taken with Workers

It was an early August day in Juche 56 (1967).

Chairman Kim Jong Il reached the dam of generating workshop No. 5 at the Jangjingang Power Station after visiting farms in South Hamgyong Province

President Kim Il Sung’s Reminiscences With the Century (8 Volumes)

DPRK Socialist Constitution

[Overseas Korean Nationals] :: Overseas Korean Nationals

The Korean nationals in Japan and other countries comprise those Koreans who were forcibly taken to Japan as labour draftees, conscripts, etc. or who drifted abroad in search of livelihood in the years of the Japanese imperialist military rule and their descendants.

As a stateless people, they were long subjected to national discrimination, deprivation of rights and destitution in alien lands.

[Politics] :: Personally Specified Criterion

[Economy] :: Haeju School Uniforms Factory Inaugurated

[Economy] :: Branch Dairy Farm Inaugurated in South Hwanghae Province

[Social Culture] :: DPRK Wrestlers Qualified for 33rd Olympic Games

[Social Culture] :: Farmers in North Phyongan Province Move into New Houses

[History & Folk Customs] :: Housewarming Custom

[History & Folk Customs] :: Inphung Pavilion


Kwangchon Chicken Farm


Grand Monument on Mansu Hill


Love the Motherland

Invincible Army Advances

Songs Resounding in My Country

Our Leader Beloved of the People

Glory to the Invincible Korean People’s Army