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Political, Economic, Cultural and All Other Affairs in the DPRK

Supreme Leader's Activities
  • WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un Sends Congratulatory Message to General Secretary of LPRP Central Committee [2021-01-19]
  • WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Newly-appointed Members of Cabinet [2021-01-19]
  • Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Those Who Contributed to Successful Eighth WPK Congress [2021-01-19]

4th Session of 14th SPA of DPRK Held

The 4th Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea took place at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on January 17.

It was attended by the deputies to the SPA and officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, the SPA Presidium, the Cabinet, the armed forces organs, ministries and national agencies, and chief secretaries of the city and county committees of the WPK, chairpersons of the city and county people's committees, chairpersons of the cooperative farm management committees and officials of major industrial establishments as observers.

  • First Woman Deputy [2021-01-19]
  • Taesongsan Spring Water [2021-01-19]
  • WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un Sends Flower Basket to General Secretary of LPRP Central Committee [2021-01-19]
  • Lake Chon on Mt Paektu [2021-01-18]
  • 4th Session of 14th SPA of DPRK Held [2021-01-18]
  • Members of the DPRK Cabinet Appointed [2021-01-18]
  • Kim Tok Hun Calls for Implementing Five-year Plan for National Economic Development Set forth at Eighth Congress of WPK [2021-01-18]
  • Report Made on Fulfillment of State Budget for Last Year and on State Budget for This Year [2021-01-18]
  • My Youthful Days [2021-01-18]
  • Grand Art Performance "We Sing of Party" for Celebrating 8th Congress of the WPK Continues [2021-01-17]

Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea

Kim Jong Un's aphorism

“The longer the history of a nation is, the more brilliantly it shines, and the better historical sites and relics are preserved in their original state, the more valuable they become.”

[Anecdotes] :: Prisoners Repatriated

When Napoleon’s army retreated from Moscow, they left behind some soldiers who were being held captive in Russia. Later, Russia notified France that it could take the POWs back, but the newly installed Bourbon dynasty refused the offer. The soldiers spent nearly 30 years in prison and, after their release, lived in misery tilling the site of the destroyed prison and yearning for their native land.

This is a tragic episode in history.

President Kim Il Sung’s Reminiscences With the Century (8 Volumes)

DPRK Socialist Constitution

Policies for Korea’s Reunification

[Political System of the State] :: Political System of the State

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an independent socialist State representing the interests of all the Korean people.

The sovereignty of the DPRK resides in the workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and all other working people. They exercise State power through their representative organs--the Supreme People’s Assembly and local People’s Assemblies at all levels.

[Economy] :: Kumsanpho-brand Fish Picklings Win Public Favour

[Economy] :: Quality National Musical Instruments Are Produced

[Social Culture] :: First Woman Deputy

[Social Culture] :: Lake Chon on Mt Paektu

[History & Folk Customs] :: January and Folk Customs

[History & Folk Customs] :: Custom of Taking Red-Bean Porridge on Winter Solstice

[Korea Is One] :: Inter-Korean Talks for Sports Held

Annual Report Juche108(2019) of International Planned Parenthood Federation


Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory


Grand Monument on Mansu Hill


Our Faith

Snow Falls on the Road to the Front

We Still Live on the Hill of Dashahe

Endless Is Our Yearning

The General Is Immortal as the Sun