Political, Economic, Cultural and All Other Affairs in the DPRK

Supreme Leader's Activities
  • Artillery Fire Competition between Large Combined Units of KPA on Western Front Inspected [2020-03-21]
  • Construction of Pyongyang General Hospital Declared [2020-03-18]
  • Let Us Build a Splendid Pyongyang General Hospital to Mark the 75th Founding Anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea [2020-03-18]

Increased Production and Economization, Driving Force for Economic Development in DPRK

A vigorous drive to increase production and practice economy is now in full swing in the DPRK which is smashing straight through all the barriers in the way of its advance by dint of the spirit of self-reliance.

The Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in December last year defined that the models to be copied in the present era are the patriotic working people who regard the spirit of economy as part of their mental qualities, as well as the labour-, energy-, cost-, and land-saving enterprises. Accordingly, it became the main current of the country to produce and build more with less expenditure of manpower, materials and funds.

  • A Centenarian [2020-04-09]
  • Inspection of Dwarf Pine Post [2020-04-09]
  • By Tapping Its Own Intellectual Resources [2020-04-09]
  • Korea Does What It Is Determined to Do! [2020-04-09]
  • Haircut at Midnight [2020-04-08]
  • Prospect for Frontal Offensive in DPRK [2020-04-08]
  • Famous Spas in DPRK [2020-04-08]
  • Gravitational Waterways in the DPRK [2020-04-08]
  • Spring Water Resources Increase [2020-04-08]
  • Afforestation in Full Swing at Final Stage [2020-04-07]

Kim Jong Un's aphorism

“Song is in life and life is in song.”

[Anecdotes] :: “Diagnosis” Made during a Meal

It was late at night, and President Kim Il Sung was going over a document. He stopped reading and considered something. After a while, he read it again apnd pondered.

After reading the last page, he raised himself from his seat looking very worried, and walked to the window.

President Kim Il Sung’s Reminiscences With the Century (8 Volumes)

DPRK Socialist Constitution

Policies for Korea’s Reunification

[Capital City-Pyongyang ] :: Capital City-Pyongyang

Pyongyang is the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Situated in the west of the central part of Korea, it is 84 metres above the sea on the average. Blending harmoniously with the surrounding mountains, hills, fields and the clear River Taedong, it has been known as a scenic place from olden times.

[Economy] :: Samcholli Lighting Technology Trading Company

[Economy] :: Ulmildae-Brand Finishing Materials

[Social Culture] :: A Centenarian

[Social Culture] :: Famous Spas in DPRK

[History & Folk Customs] :: Painter Kim Ryang Gi

[History & Folk Customs] :: Hide-and-Seek

[Korea Is One] :: Inter-Korean Talks for Sports Held

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