Political, Economic, Cultural and All Other Affairs in the DPRK

Supreme Leader's Activities
  • Reconstruction Sites in South Hamgyong Province Inspected [2020-10-15]
  • Rehabilitation Site in Komdok Area of South Hamgyong Province Inspected [2020-10-14]
  • Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance "Great Guidance" Marks the 75th Founding Anniversary of the WPK [2020-10-12]

Risky Attempt of Japan to Endanger Mankind

Japan is going to bring another terrible disaster to mankind.

Recently, the media of Japan reported in chorus that the Japanese regime has stiffened its resolve to discharge water contaminated by radioactivity from the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant into the sea and is about to officially decide it at a Cabinet meeting within October.

  • By Updating Teaching Methods [2020-10-26]
  • Chongchon River Is Stocked with Sweetfish Fry [2020-10-26]
  • Photo of Happiness [2020-10-26]
  • Flood Victims in Kangwon Province Move into New Houses [2020-10-25]
  • Fish Farming Improves [2020-10-25]
  • Meteorological Information Service Diversified [2020-10-25]
  • Manifestation of Noble Internationalist Spirit [2020-10-25]
  • The Dates of Completion Are Near [2020-10-25]
  • Risky Attempt of Japan to Endanger Mankind [2020-10-24]
  • Useful Insect in Wide Use [2020-10-24]

Kim Jong Un's aphorism

“We must do everything so that the coming generations can enjoy the benefits, even though we may not enjoy them in our lifetime—this is genuine patriotism.”

[Anecdotes] :: Frozen Corn Noodle

Chairman Kim Jong Il made devoted efforts to make the people better off.

Frozen corn noodle is also associated with his concern for improving the people’s diet.

President Kim Il Sung’s Reminiscences With the Century (8 Volumes)

DPRK Socialist Constitution

Policies for Korea’s Reunification

[Political System of the State] :: Political System of the State

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an independent socialist State representing the interests of all the Korean people.

The sovereignty of the DPRK resides in the workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and all other working people. They exercise State power through their representative organs--the Supreme People’s Assembly and local People’s Assemblies at all levels.

[Economy] :: Trial Run of 45-ton Container Crane

[Economy] :: Unha Pedigree Fish Breeding Station

[Social Culture] :: By Updating Teaching Methods

[Social Culture] :: Photo of Happiness

[History & Folk Customs] :: Koguryo Tombs with Murals and Historical Relics Unearthed

[History & Folk Customs] :: The One and Only Country Which Denies Its Past Crimes

[Korea Is One] :: Inter-Korean Talks for Sports Held

Pyongyang Golf Course


Friendship Tower


Grand Monument on Mansu Hill


Socialism, We Love You

Song Dedicated to Motherly Party

We Have a Great Party

We Will Follow Our Party Forever

Party Flag, I Will Be with Thee Forever