Political, Economic, Cultural and All Other Affairs in the DPRK

Supreme Leader's Activities
  • Reconstruction Site of Flood-Hit Area Inspected [2020-09-12]
  • Guidance to 6th Enlarged Meeting of 7th WPK Central Military Commission [2020-09-09]
  • Typhoon-hit Area Inspected [2020-09-06]

"Ear Grave" in Kyoto Sheds Light on Brutality of Japs

A book on the massacre of Koreans committed by the Japanese aggressors during the Imjin Patriotic War (1592-1598) will reportedly be published in Japan.

The book, authored by a former Japanese diplomat, details the history of Japan's aggression of Korea, telling how an "ear grave" was erected in Japan during Japan's invasion of Korea.

  • Right to Education Is Guaranteed by Law [2020-09-25]
  • Education Guarantees DPRK’s Rosy Future [2020-09-25]
  • Agricultural Sci-tech Measures to Minimize Typhoon Damage [2020-09-24]
  • For Clean Marine Environment [2020-09-24]
  • Socialist Education System and Its Historical Root [2020-09-24]
  • Women’s Football Coach Ra Un Sim [2020-09-23]
  • A Fauna and Flora Exhibition House Built [2020-09-23]
  • Floral Basket to Kim Jong Un from Indonesian President [2020-09-23]
  • Wreath Laid before Bust of Kim Jong Suk [2020-09-23]
  • 400 Families and 800 Families [2020-09-22]

Kim Jong Un's aphorism

“Music is a form of art that is most closely linked to people’s life.”

[Anecdotes] :: Anecdotes during the Inter-Korean Summit Meeting (5)

“The Same Family”

On the 15th General Kim Jong Il gave a farewell luncheon in honour of Kim Dae Jung and his entourage on behalf of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

President Kim Il Sung’s Reminiscences With the Century (8 Volumes)

DPRK Socialist Constitution

Policies for Korea’s Reunification

[Foreign Relations] :: Foreign Relations

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regards independence, peace and friendship as the main ideals of its foreign policy and the principles of its external activities.

The DPRK government establishes diplomatic as well as political, economic and cultural relations with all friendly countries, on the principles of complete equality, independence, mutual respect, non-interference in each other’s affairs and mutual benefit.

[Economy] :: Unha Pedigree Fish Breeding Station

[Economy] :: Koryo Simchong Company

[Social Culture] :: Education Guarantees DPRK’s Rosy Future

[Social Culture] :: Agricultural Sci-tech Measures to Minimize Typhoon Damage

[History & Folk Customs] :: Koguryo Tombs with Murals and Historical Relics Unearthed

[History & Folk Customs] :: The One and Only Country Which Denies Its Past Crimes

[Korea Is One] :: Inter-Korean Talks for Sports Held

Pyongyang Golf Course


Tower of the Juche Idea


Pyongyang Golf Course


Our National Flag

Ode to Motherland

My Country Filled with Hope

The Country I Defend

Who Ever Taught Me?