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Projects for Development of Industrial Parks

1. Logistics Park in Rajin Port

As Rajin Port is located at an important place linking Northeast Asia with several regions and countries of the world, it arises as an important problem in promoting industry and transit trade to develop marine transport.

It is planned to develop Rajin Port and its surrounding areas into a comprehensive logistics park, which will consist of modern wharves, shipping and unloading equipment, auxiliary facilities and bonded areas.

Total area: 8 km²

2. Sinhung Light Industrial Park

A light industry and hi-tech industrial park with international competitiveness is to be created by making use of favourable geographical location and manpower in the Rason Economic and Trade Zone. It will produce foodstuffs, garments, furniture, computer devices, integrated circuits, semiconductor chips.

Total area: 0.54 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 272.43 million

3. Anhwa-Tongmyong Development Park

For the park’s location near the centre of the city, it is planned to develop a light industrial and commercial park free from environmental pollution.

Total area: 0.7 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 353.15 million

4. Anju International Commercial Park

An international commercial park is to be developed with main stress on financial business and other commercial services by making use of geographical features of hillocks and flatlands along the coast.

Total area: 3 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 1 213.2 million.

5. Kwangok Industrial Park

It is planned to develop a modern petrochemical industrial park.

Total area of 1.65 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 205.42 million

6. Paekhak Industrial Park

It is planned to develop a comprehensive industrial park with the main stress on light-industry equipment production, hi-tech industry, steel industry and building materials industry.

Total area: 22 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 4 499 million

7. Ungsang Development Park

It is planned to develop a building materials industry in the Ungsang area. Priority will be given to create a building materials industry, including steel, cement, architectural glass, windscreen, plasticizer, architectural tiles, sanitary ware, etc., and a comprehensive timber-processing industry, including paper-making, furniture, pencils and plywood.

Total area: 4.37 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 1 767.66 million

8. Kuryongphyong-Kulpho Development Parks

It is planned to develop parks for hi-tech and agricultural and livestock products processing industries in the Kuryongphyong area. The parks will be engaged in the assembling of computers, production of communications facilities, washing machines, refrigerators, colour TV sets, small household electrical appliances and processing of cereals, mushrooms, vegetables, livestock products and others.

It is planned to build a park for advanced high-efficiency organic farming by introducing new species of crops, sophisticated technologies and equipment and an eco-tourist park of migratory birds in Kulpho.

Total area: 2.09 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 845.4 million

9. Tumangang Development Park

It is planned to build a light industrial park in the area of the Tuman River. Textile, footwear, food-processing and daily necessities industries will be built so as to develop the area into a logistics park linking with Russia.

Total area: 0.15 km²

Estimated cost: US$ 60.67 million.