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Projects for Development of Industrial Parks

The Zone particularly encourages investment in infrastructure construction, state-of-the-art science and technology and production of internationally competitive goods.

① Infrastructure construction

- Airports: An international airport to be built in Samhae-ri, Chongam District, Chongjin City, North Hamgyong Province Heliports to be built in Rajin and Sonbong Areas
- Rajin Port: It is planned to develop it into an international goods port with an annual turnover of 100 million tons.
- Sonbong Port: It is planned to develop it into an international port with an annual turnover of 20 million tons of industrial resources.
- Ungsang Port: It is planned to develop it into an international port with an annual turnover of 5 million tons of bulk cargoes.
- Drainage network: It is planned to re-build drainage network by cut-and-cover methods, improve the Tuman River and other 5 streams and build a sewage disposal network.
- Water supply network: It is planned to reinforce Rason Reservoir, build a new reservoir and complete the water supply system.
- Power Supply: It is planned to perform a technical updating of the Sonbong Thermal Power Plant, build a thermal power plant and create a capacity of 1 million kW by making use of wind, solar and other natural energy resources.
- Communications: It is planned to put all the communication lines on an underground cable and duct basis.
- Railway: It is planned to build a new railway to bypass the existing one in the city centre.
- Roads: It is planned to build Rajin-Wonjong highway, a new bridge on the border, Rajin-Sonbong-Ungsang-Tumangang highway and Chonghak-Tumangang highway.
- Heating system: It is planned to build a heat-generating power station and make use of geothermal and solar energies and methane gas.

② Hi-tech industry: Manufacture of computers, telecommunications facilities, electronic household appliances, and biomedical products

③ Energy and raw materials industry: Development of energy, building materials, steel, nonfer rous metals, coal, oil and natural gas, timber processing industry, petro-chemical industry, chemical fibre industry

④ Machine-building industry: Manufacture of vehicles, light industry machines, processing machines, farming equipment and ship-repairing industry

⑤ Sector of cutting-edge science and technology for commodity production at international standards

⑥ Light industry: Textiles, garments, footwear, foodstuffs, marine products, livestock products, alcoholic drinks and mineral water

⑦ International logistics industry: Local logistics, export/import logistics, transit trade logistics, goods storage and comprehensive bonded processing trade

⑧ Tourism: Border-crossing tourism, construction of holiday-making and sightseeing bases and a tourist resort on Pipha Island

⑨ High-efficiency agriculture: Establishment of a high-efficiency agricultural experimental quarter, and construction of production bases for rice and maize, seeds, saplings, livestock products, seafood and for processing agricultural produce

⑩ Financial business: Banking business, trust business, securities dealing business and loan business